Becoming a Force for Good

A Social Justice Program

for Schools & Groups

The Becoming a Force for Good program is designed to encourage students to treat others with dignity and respect, regardless of differences, and to challenges students to take a stand for justice by becoming a peaceful presence against injustice.   Students are guided to identify and adopt five new personal habits that will help them become a force for good.  While the program emphasizes notable champions for social justice, such as Gandhi, the life story of a girl named Kelly demonstrates that every student can choose to become a force for good.

The Kelly Way Foundation receives financial support to promote social justice, as a result this program and the associated materials are made available to schools at no cost.

The curriculum and web content for the five learning modules are accessible below.  For more information, or to request handouts and posters,  please contact:

Jimmie Cosby
Student Services Consultant


Building champions for social justice


  • Reinforce the importance of diversity
  • Identify common actions that may lead to injustice
  • Challenge students to stand for justice
  • Encourage the adoption of habits that support social justice


Applicable to Grades 5 through 8

Learning Module Series

Each learning module will require approximately 45 minutes to complete.
A Teacher Guide is included below for each module, providing Facilitator Notes supporting each power point chart.

Module 1:  Standing Up for Justice
Champions Of Social Justice
Gandhi’s example of standing-up for justice peacefully
The Kelly Way Story- how an ordinary girl made a difference

Module 2: Making Good Habits Personal
Be a Force for Good Blog
Create List of New Habits
Putting Habits into Action

Module 3:  Power of Habits
Table Top Exercise
The power of habits

Module 4:  The Value of Diversity
Game- Building the Tallest Tower
Respecting Diversity
Linking habits to the acceptance of diversity

Module 5:  Be Inclusive
Step Up Activity
Including others – a practical way of standing up for justice
Habit postcard

Additional Resources Provided

The Kelly Way will provide schools with the following:

  • Force for Good Poster- for each classroom
  • Force for Good magnets- for each student
  • Be the Light Poster- for each classroom
  • Be the Light cards- for each student

Please contact Jimmie Cosby,, for more information.