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We are excited to share reflections and discussions about the The Kelly Way of living, written by some of Kelly’s close friends.

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Be-the-Light Habits

Title & Link Written By
Create Positivity Cameron McCallie
Be a Force for Good in the World Irene Dorzback
Spread Love to Everyone Michael Grohman
Be in the Moment Beth Gavin
Be in the Moment Rohini Chakravarthy
Be Compassionate Micah Melia
Give to Others Brian Israel
Keep Promises to Myself and Others Megan Adams
Do Everything With Love Samantha Steinmetz
Appreciate Life Anna Nelson
Live with Integrity Matthew Ahn
Create Positivity Sara Crawford
Be a Force for Good in the World Justin Prelogar
Spread Love to Everyone Vanessa Phillips
Be a Force for Good in the World Lauren Martin
Spread Love to Everyone Eric Holmes