Business Ventures Workshop

Workshop Participants
Lansing Correctional Institution
Maximum/Medium Security Unit

Business Ventures Workshop participants are focused on using time in prison to equip themselves to successfully reenter society upon release.  This workshop is designed to build an understanding of business planning basics and provide the opportunity to collaborate with others in the development of targeted business plans.

We need your help.  As would be expected, prisoners do not have access to web-based information and research.  However, we are able to provide research information in electronic format to workshop participants through the sponsoring on-site not-for-profit organization.  Needless to say, providing research and other insights to these men is critical to this effort.

Business plans will be developed for the following two scenarios:

  • A non-profit or for-profit organization relying on recently released prisoners for labor
  • A non-profit or for profit organization relying on incarcerated prisoners for labor

The first step requiring research support is a concept feasibility analysis for the following:

  1. Emergency Restoration Services– utilizing either incarcerated or recently released prisoners to perform clean-up and other services typically required following a catastrophic event
  2. Pre-fab manufacturing– Incarcerated men building prefabricated structures to be sold for use.  Possible extension of business process utilizing recently released prisoners.
  3. Grow Pod– Establish grow pods on prison property or nearby that would be built and maintained by prisoners.  Possibly utilize released prisoners for produce transport and or marketing.
  4. Recycling Services– Provide recycling services to communities that are currently under-served, such as recycling of electronics, hazardous materials, etc.  This business opportunity might provide opportunities to utilize incarcerated men for recycling processing and storage, while relying on recently released prisoners for collection and distribution.

Please partner with us!

  • We need support in gathering research related to the above business topics for electronic submission to workshop participants.
  • Future opportunities will include review of business plans developed by workshop participants.
  • Opportunities to participate in onsite work-shop sessions within the prison will also be available to those interested in the future.

Please submit research or any questions/comments to Mark Cosby:

The men in the Maximum and Medium Security units within Lansing Correctional Institution, Lansing, KS, can’t do this without you!

Thank you for considering this request for support-