Habit 1: Do Everything With Love

by Samantha Steinmetz
November 10, 2016

“I’ve never felt myself to be a particularly good writer. I often joke that’s why I’m an actor—the words are already given to me. I just fill in the spaces.

Kelly was alive for 25 years and I knew her for about 10 of those years. I loved her more than I can say. And still do. To say Kelly did everything with love would be a huge understatement. Kelly was love.

Kelly’s whole family was love. They have taken me in and treated me like a daughter and I will always and forever consider the Cosbys a second family.

Anyone who knew Kelly knew how full of love she was. She was everyone’s biggest champion. She saw every play of mine (three, four and sometimes five times) and would always wait for me in the theatre lobby and throw her arms around me as soon as I emerged from the dressing room, immediately showering me with praise and love. I remember one day, I was understudying an actress in an off-Broadway production of Saint Joan and found out I was going on thirty minutes before the show started. I texted Kelly with the information and low and behold, she was at the theatre with a ticket in hand ten minutes before curtain. She did all of this, mind you, while being a grad student at NYU.

Kelly and I did many shows together in high school- often playing the mothers of the other characters (I guess we had a “mature” thing going on). We bonded in our rehearsals and cast parties. We would drive each other to call time for our shows and sing show tunes in my Chevy Malibu (which I so appropriately named Liza Minelli, Liza for short) for hours. We reconnected when Kelly moved to New York to go to law school at NYU. I was always so proud of her. I would introduce her to everyone as “my amazing friend who was going to law school to change the world” and I really meant it too. We were each other’s biggest fans.

I chose this prompt because Kelly absolutely did everything with love. She treated everybody with love. She lived life with unprecedented, unparalleled love.

Especially in this time of fear of darkness in our country, do everything with love. Treat everyone with love. Live life with unprecedented, unparalleled love.

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